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How to mix Bitcoin transactions?

Our imagination and thirst for innovation have no limits, so it is likely that one day we will create an advanced technology. Bitcoin appeared only 10 years ago, but it’s gaining more and more popularity every day. Let’s figure out how to make Bitcoin transactions safe right now!

What unique propositions are created in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was born in a context of hostility from governments towards private money projects. Money is supposed to be issued only by states. Therefore, Bitcoin had to make significant compromises in order to survive. But it was through these compromises that Bitcoin was able to create its unique proposition: resistance to censorship, self-government, and decentralization, which allowed it to eliminate the main bottlenecks.

Bitcoin blender and the principle of its operation 

The principle of operation of the bitcoin tumbler service is as follows: after a user sends funds to the mixer, the service breaks these cryptocurrencies into small transactions and sends them to different addresses, mixing them with other users’ cryptocurrencies or their own reserves. The user receives his bitcoins in parts and from different addresses. This algorithm confuses the traces and makes it difficult to analyze the blockchain.

Among the main advantages of the Bitcoin mixers are the following:

  • There is a signed guarantee; it allows you to resolve controversial issues if they suddenly arise.
  • Special technology for in-depth order analysis.
  • Status page where you can monitor mixing online.
  • Crypto backup, which guarantees trouble-free operation.
  • Hiding the client’s location. Your location is not required.
  • 24/7 support.

This tool enables several customers to join together and create one common transaction, which is carried out in stages as the required number of participants for anonymous cryptocurrency is recruited. None of the users store recipient or sender addresses; the shuffling server does that. The complication of the operation is carried out by increasing the number of successive stirrings.

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